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  • Five decades ago, Bridgestone established its Mission, “Serving Society with Superior Quality,” and was also awarded the prestigious Deming Prize. These milestones are foundational to the company Bridgestone has become and aims to be.

    The year 2018 represented several significant milestones in the Bridgestone Group history—the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Company’s Mission, “Serving Society with Superior Quality,” and the award of the prestigious Deming Prize that recognizes achievement in Total Quality Management—a truly remarkable accomplishment by the Company five decades ago. The past year also marked the 30th anniversary of the first step on Bridgestone’s path to globalization—the Firestone acquisition and merger that occurred in 1988.

    These milestones were significant at the time because they were critical steps in defining the Group’s culture. They are even more important today because they are foundational to the Company Bridgestone has become the global Company it aims to be.

    Five decades ago, Bridgestone set out to achieve something bold; with it came huge responsibility. “Superior Quality” defines the Company’s aspiration to offer the best for customers and society, not only in terms of its products, services and technology, but in all of its corporate activities. “Serving Society” takes this commitment even further, addressing Bridgestone’s passion for improving the safety and lives of people everywhere. This dedication to addressing these societal responsibilities comes to life in the Group’s global corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitment, Our Way to Serve.

    The Bridgestone Group introduced Our Way to Serve in 2017, focused around three Priority Areas: Mobility, People and Environment. These areas are supported by six Management Fundamentals that articulate the high expectations the Company has for operating as a responsible business. Management Fundamentals address Compliance, Business Continuity, Human Rights, Safety, Procurement and Quality.

    To advance these Priority Areas and the Management Fundamentals, Bridgestone named a long-time senior executive to lead the Group’s sustainability strategy, engaging the Global Executive Committee members, Strategic Business Unit presidents, members of the Global CSR Enhancement Committee, Global Quality Management Committee and Bridgestone Group employees worldwide.

    In 2018, the Bridgestone Group further operationalized Our Way to Serve when it:

    The Bridgestone Group’s work in Mobility, People and Environment is closely aligned with a number of key societal trends and issues. These include rapid urbanization, shifting trade relationships, exploding population in certain areas and aging population in others, depletion of natural resources, climate change and others. Equally important, the work is aligned with the Bridgestone Group’s business strategy. The Bridgestone Group cannot achieve its management goal to be a truly global company and “Dan-Totsu,” or the leader in its industries, without also doing its part to ensure a healthy future for people and the planet. To this end, the Company is especially proud of its collaborative work with other tire manufacturers as a member of the global Tire Industry Project (TIP) operated under the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. Together with other stakeholders, TIP members recently launched the Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber to transform the natural rubber supply chain for the better.

    Bridgestone is also excited to continue the Company’s long-term commitment to the Olympic and Paralympic Movements as an Official Worldwide Partner of both the International Olympic Committee and the International Paralympic Committee. These relationships connect the world’s largest tire and rubber company to the world’s largest sporting events, contributing to global efforts to build a better world through sports. They also provide exciting opportunities for Bridgestone to showcase its commitments to community service, diversity, environmental stewardship and sustainability—all tenets of the Olympic and Paralympic Movements that also lie at the heart of Our Way to Serve. We’re especially looking forward to the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 in Bridgestone’s headquarters city.

    These and other initiatives that showcase Our Way to Serve around the world are highlighted in this 2018-2019 Sustainability Report. All of us at the Bridgestone Group hope you—the Company’s employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers, government leaders, partners and others—enjoy learning more about these efforts.

    Masaaki Tsuya
    Chairman of the Board
    CEO and Representative Executive Officer